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Hiring the right staff is essential for your business. Practice owners need staff with skill and passion. When you have great staff, it’s easy to achieve great outcomes. But even at the best of times, unless you’re a recruitment expert, finding superstar employees is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We don’t need to tell you how challenging staffing your practice is today. Covid-19 has put your team under pressure like never before. And the war for talent is here to stay. So what are your options?

Should I settle?

Tempting as it is, never bring in a ‘warm body’ to fill a vacancy. If you hire in haste, you’ll repent at leisure. If your new staffer isn’t the right match for you, your team and your patients, ultimately your business will pay the price. So don’t settle. If you do, you risk losing your business culture, good team members, and with it your opportunities to grow.

What about offshore staffing?

If you haven’t heard of offshore staffing, let alone how it works for dental practices, then read on. Offshoring is where you offshore business functions and tasks, such as admin, that don’t need to be completed on-site. That lets your dental practice work smarter and break free from paperwork. And the best thing about offshoring? It gives you more time to do what you love — engaging with your patients.

Where do I start?

Start by checking out our Getting Started page or schedule a call. At Clear, we’ve developed proprietary systems that provide great offshore staff who can make a measurable difference to your business. Our recruitment methodology identifies the right people, and with our outstanding leadership, they’ll help you execute your strategy. You’ll get a high-performing world-class offshore staff. And they’ll bring the passion and the skills to achieve great outcomes for you, your team and your patients.

Think about the difference it would make to your business if you could break free from the day-to-day. Remember, when you’re not worrying about staff, you can focus on your business.


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