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Grow Your Dental Practice by Solving Your People Problems

You’re not alone if the biggest problem in your practice is staff related. The pandemic has made the problem even worse with the few staff you do have working under pressure like never before. But even before COVID hit, finding superstar employees was near impossible unless you had years of recruitment experience. But there is a solution to your people problems.

Local Admin Staff for Dental Practice Hard to Find

Most dental practices at some point, have hired an admin person who wasn’t right for the job. They may not have had the experience or skills you were looking for or were not a good cultural fit for the practice.

You may have felt like you had no other option because so few candidates applied for the role. But it’s never a good idea to bring in a ‘warm body’ to fill a vacancy. If your new staffer isn’t the right match, your team, your patients, and ultimately your business will pay the price. By settling on less-than-ideal staff, you’re risking your business culture, good team members and the opportunity to grow the business.

Offshore Admin Staff for Your Dental Practice

Unlike Australia, there are highly qualified admin staff with industry experience available overseas. They are perfect for completing a wide range of admin tasks that don’t need to be done within the practice. Having experienced staff doing important admin tasks such as patient follow-up calls and setting up automations, lets your dental practice work smarter. It’s peace of mind knowing the important tasks are being taken care of so you can spend more time engaging with patients and providing the level of customer service they deserve.

How to Find Experienced Offshore Admin Staff

Clear has helped dozens of dental practices around Australia by supplying outsourced admin staff. Over the years, we’ve developed proprietary systems that provide great offshore staff who can make a measurable difference to your business. Our recruitment methodology identifies the right people, and with our outstanding leadership, they will help you execute your strategy. You’ll get a high-performing world-class offshore resource. They will bring the passion and the skills to achieve great outcomes for you, your team and your patients.

The best part is we do all the hard work for you from finding the right staff member who is the right fit for your practice to provide them with access to your patient management system.

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