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Break Free From Your Admin Issues – Perth Oral Medicine’s Hot Topics Conference

In your dental practice, you can be so focused on the day-to-day running of the business. It can be difficult to know if the challenges you’re facing are unique. Running a successful practice means relying on others. Dentists, DAs, admin, support staff and everything else behind the scenes. But with people comes people problems – and that’s if you can find good staff to begin with. 

You are not alone! There are severe labour shortages affecting the dental industry across Australia. 

“Demand for care continues to remain high, and staff shortages continue to plague dental practices trying to meet the uptick in appointments. It is estimated there is a 20 to 25 per cent shortfall in the number of dental hygienists, assistants and other practice staff needed to fill the gap, but finding more candidates who are ready and willing to work has proven problematic.”

Perth Oral Medicine’s Hot Topics Conference – You Are All Asking The Same Questions 

Clear Admin People recently sponsored and attended the Perth Oral Medicine’s Hot Topics conference with over 400 Australian dentists. It’s the largest annual CPD event in Western Australia. Many dentists asked us the same questions about how to break free from their admin people problems. Read on to find out what conference attendees asked us and how we can help you to break free to focus on your business and above all, your patients… 

What does Clear Admin People do?  

Clear Admin People provides remote dental admin to dental practices around Australia. Based in Perth, Clear does resourcing differently. Our people work inside your business from the outside, to get the work you need done, done. Our staff are based offshore but they are an integral part of your team. 

Our quality remote admin staff can take on tasks that don’t need to be performed in the practice. This will allow your in-practice staff to focus on your patients, their clinical duties, and other urgent tasks in front of them. Freeing up your local staff will improve your patients’ experience while ensuring that other ‘quiet’ tasks are now a priority. 

What are the tasks that Clear Admin People can handle? 

Clear Admin People’s staff handle the non-urgent tasks that have a great impact on your business’s success. They are tasks such as:  

  • Running the virtual reception by answering calls, emails and online enquiries 
  • Keeping your patient database up to date
  • Communicating with patients about rebooking, cancellations, booking in treatment plans in person or virtual consultation, making TLC calls post-visit, reminding patients of upcoming appointments, debt collection, payment reminders and payment disputes. Imagine… no more missed appointments!
  • Communicating with suppliers about placing or following up orders 
  • Communicating with dental specialists to provide information 
  • Writing reports
  • Managing your social media 
  • Managing your website, creating content and marketing collateral
  • Bookkeeping

How are your admin people trained and what are their qualifications?  

Clear staff all possess six key characteristics that we believe make them the best:  

Adult: Our work impacts the livelihoods of others, so we always take a considered approach, because it’s the right thing to do. 

Professional: Our staff are outstanding. We’re the best at what we do. We stand by our knowledge and experience to go one step further and deliver better outcomes. Even if that means delaying our lunch break. 

Smart: We solve problems. “No” is not an answer from which we can move forward. There’s always a smarter way to get over, under or around an obstacle. 

Empathetic: Creating a rewarding relationship means being a good person. That starts with listening and putting other people’s needs first. We’re all here to help each other to live better. 

Competitive: Second best? That’s first place for losers. We’re always trying to outdo ourselves. To improve our skills and embrace new opportunities. 

Thirst for Learning: The world is always changing. We stay on top of new processes and developments that deliver better results for your practice. We never stop learning because we’re not happy sitting still. Our staff all have years of experience in dentistry or similar fields.  

We go one step further to deliver better results for your practice.

How do they sound and speak? 

Clear’s admin people are well-spoken with neutral accents and impeccable communication skills. Our staff are Filipino and have been speaking English all their lives. An added benefit is that the Philippines and WA share the same time zone. 

What are their usual titles?  

  • Virtual Receptionist  
  • Virtual Assistant specialising in bookkeeping  
  • Virtual Assistant specialising in marketing 
  • Database and Workflow Coordinator 
  • Bookkeeper 
  • Social Media Manager 

With experts across a range of admin tasks, we have the right people, right now. People who never settle for second best. Who say yes more often while not taking no for an answer. Who care about your business as if it were our own. Spend more time engaging with patients and providing the high level of customer service they deserve. 

Let’s work together and help your business to break free.


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