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Let us look after the tasks you should do during the quiet times (that never happen)

Everyone has tasks in their job that they love and loathe! It’s those tasks that staff don’t really like doing that are often put off and consequently rarely get done.

They might be non-urgent tasks but it’s likely that they’re still important to the practice.

Now there’s a solution for freeing up your time to do the parts of the job that you enjoy the most.

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I’m not good at making outbound calls to patients who have missed appointments or cancelled. Is this something Clear staff do?

Yes, making outbound calls and taking on the important tasks that reception staff don’t have time for is what we specialise in.

What if a patient asks to see the person they spoke to over the phone?

Tell the patient that the staff member works remotely from home.

Will I have enough to do if the new admin person takes on some of my roles?

With the time you save by delegating tasks, you can spend time learning a new aspect of the practice and ask to do higher-level tasks that improve your skills and experience. If you find you have time available, speak to your practice manager about what you can help them with.

  • “I perform multiple roles — Oral Medicine Specialist, Consultant, Lecturer, Public Speaker, Educator and Board Director — with ease knowing my PA carries out all the tasks that support my daily activities”

    - Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen, Oral Medicine Specialist
  • “It helps me and our practice staff so much knowing someone is taking care of the ‘quiet’ tasks”

    - Dr Luke Christensen, Keppel Dental

Let’s be CLEAR

Working with us is simple. Our team leaders start by working with you to create a plan tailored to your needs, with achievable goals and milestones for the long term. Then, we execute it. We’ve got the right people, right now, ready to help your business break free.

Six-Tool Players

We’re incredibly fussy when it comes to hiring, with a history of only accepting the top 2% of applicants for any given role. Our admin people all possess six key characteristics that we believe makes them the best:

  • Adult

    Our work impacts the livelihoods of others, so we always take a considered approach, because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Professional

    We’re the best at what we do. We stand by our knowledge & experience to go a step further and deliver better outcomes. Even if that means delaying our lunch break.

  • Smart

    We solve problems. “No” is not an answer from which we can move on. There’s always a smarter way to get over, under or around an obstacle.

  • Empathetic

    Creating a rewarding relationship means being a good person, and that starts with listening and putting others’ needs first. We’re all here to help each other live better.

  • Competitive

    Second best? That’s first place for losers. We’re always trying to outdo ourselves. To improve our skills and embrace new opportunities.

  • Thirst for Learning

    The world is always changing, so we stay on top of new processes and developments that deliver better results. We never stop learning, because we’re not happy sitting still.