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    get started

Once you have made the decision to use a Clear admin person to help grow your practice, there are a few short steps to get the relationship underway.

The sooner you can get up and running, the sooner your practice realises the benefits of a dedicated staff member doing the tasks that have the highest return on investment.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure it’s a smooth start for everyone involved – you, your existing admin staff and your new recruit.

We know it will be the start of a long and rewarding relationship.

Step 1

Recruit & Introduce

We’ll discuss the tasks that can assist your business the most and set to work finding the ideal candidate for the role. We’ll introduce your new administrator to the team and assist during the initial few weeks.

Step 2

IT Access

There’s no need for you to worry about how your Clear admin person will gain access to your patient management system, we’ll take care of it. We’ve worked with almost every patient management and CRM system that’s being used in Australia. Whether it’s a desktop or cloud-based system, ancient or the latest, we’ll organise access so there’s no need for you to call in an IT expert.

Step 3


You decide on the best method of communicating with your admin person. It may be a one-to-one Zoom call, attending the practice staff meeting virtually, email, internal message service or a combination of all – whatever works for you.

Step 4


We’ve worked with dozens of dental practices around Australia so we can recommend tasks for your new administrator to complete that will make the biggest difference to your bottom line. Personal follow-up calls, automated reminders and reactivating lapsed patients are just a few of the tasks that fill the appointment diary within days.

Step 5

More Tasks

Once you see the impressive results your administrator achieves, it’s likely you and your staff will find other tasks that can be outsourced to free up your front office staff to concentrate on delivering the highest possible face-to-face customer service.

  • “I perform multiple roles — Oral Medicine Specialist, Consultant, Lecturer, Public Speaker, Educator and Board Director — with ease knowing my PA carries out all the tasks that support my daily activities”

    - Dr Amanda Phoon Nguyen, Oral Medicine Specialist
  • “Clear’s team – our team – are a big part of our growth. When Covid hit, they advised over 2,000 appointments of our closure due to government regulations in just a few days. It’s great knowing you have support like that”

    - A/Professor Ramesh Balasubramaniam, POMDS
  • “It helps me and our practice staff so much knowing someone is taking care of the ‘quiet’ tasks”

    - Dr Luke Christensen, Keppel Dental

Let’s be CLEAR

Working with us is simple. Our team leaders start by working with you to create a plan tailored to your needs, with achievable goals and milestones for the long term. Then, we execute it. We’ve got the right people, right now, ready to help your business break free.

Six-Tool Players

We’re incredibly fussy when it comes to hiring, with a history of only accepting the top 2% of applicants for any given role. Our admin people all possess six key characteristics that we believe makes them the best:

  • Adult

    Our work impacts the livelihoods of others, so we always take a considered approach, because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Professional

    We’re the best at what we do. We stand by our knowledge & experience to go a step further and deliver better outcomes. Even if that means delaying our lunch break.

  • Smart

    We solve problems. “No” is not an answer from which we can move on. There’s always a smarter way to get over, under or around an obstacle.

  • Empathetic

    Creating a rewarding relationship means being a good person, and that starts with listening and putting others’ needs first. We’re all here to help each other live better.

  • Competitive

    Second best? That’s first place for losers. We’re always trying to outdo ourselves. To improve our skills and embrace new opportunities.

  • Thirst for Learning

    The world is always changing, so we stay on top of new processes and developments that deliver better results. We never stop learning, because we’re not happy sitting still.