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Easy practice software solutions to keep your appointment book full

Need help setting up practice software?

Clear provides remote admin staff that are skilled in admin operations. Click the button to tell us more about your needs and speak to an advisor

You’ve got practice management software but are you using it to increase your new patient appointments and overall patient satisfaction?

Practice management software can manage your practice operations including patient scheduling, billing and accounting. Practices use PMS to centralise and automate essential patient care and clinical business processes. This can include compilation of notes and patient report generation, treatment records, accounts receivable, payment processing, patient data sharing, document management, electronic claims, collections and financial reporting.

Appointment scheduling within your PMS is one of the best ways to maximise your practice’s efficiency. Let’s look at the four key benefits of combining effective scheduling software with remote and on-site practice staff.

    1. Integrating scheduling software can save your practice hours of time and money that you are currently losing to no-shows and cancellations. You can reduce no-shows and cancellations and keep your schedule full by offering online bookings. Most patients will search for a practice online before making their choice. As this will often be outside of office hours, patients will want to book during these times. Online scheduling software can lead to a *400% increase in new patient appointments (*Delmain.co). Since your patients are probably comfortable using apps, online shopping services and virtual communication already, getting them to use your scheduling software may not be as challenging as you think.
    2. Patients find booking is easy, without any back and forth. Since patients can see your availability, they can simply choose the time that works best for them.

Need help ensuring patients show up?

Clear provides remote admin staff that can do custom follow-ups and TLC calls. Click the button to tell us more about your needs and speak to an advisor

  • It eliminates the need to call the practice. Most people procrastinate to book their appointments because they have to call the office, stay on hold, or leave a voicemail. All of which makes a routine task like booking an appointment seem like too much work. With scheduling software, patients can book their appointments at their convenience.
  • Automated reminders can save your staff time each day. All appointment scheduling software comes with the ability to send appointment reminders to your patients to reduce no-shows and cancellations. It’s proven that patient reminders reduce no-shows by *22.95% (*NextHealth.com).

Consistent, friendly communication with your patients across the different channels they prefer will improve your profitability and reduce your overall costs by saving your front-desk time. Not only does this prevent over-working your practice manager, but it allows staff more time to focus on other vital tasks.

Combining a well-managed database with the human touch of staff members is the key to success. At Clear, we can complement your practice software by handling appointment confirmation calls, follow up calls, building relationships with patients, asking questions to ensure patients have an excellent experience and organising manual intervention, when necessary.

We’re a Western Australian company, providing quality staff to Australian clinics.  Our outstanding staff work remotely but they are an integral part of your team. They offer you peace of mind knowing that the important tasks are being taken care of professionally and with passion. Our friendly team provides a more personal patient experience, while doing it remotely. You can spend more time providing the high level of customer service your patients deserve when they visit your practice.

We can help you to break free from your admin issues so that your staff can spend more time on your patients’ experience and grow your practice. Let’s work smarter to help your team engage with your patients and ensure none of them slip through the cracks.

Spend more time on your patients’ experience to grow your practice

Let’s work together to help your team engage with your patients and ensure none of them slips through the crack. Click the button and we’ll step you through how Clear can help


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