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Grow Your Dental Practice – Break Free of the Staffing Struggle

Australian Dental Practices Struggle To Find The Right Admin People; This Can Affect Your Revenue.

In a recent ADA poll, more than 70% of dentists said recruitment of administrative staff was extremely or very challenging.

The ‘Great Resignation’ continues to have a global impact on labour pools. Dental practices continue to face the ongoing challenge of keeping quality staff in the office to meet the growing demand for patient care.

Australian dentists all tell us the same story: they are struggling right now to find good people to fill admin roles.

Admin staff have a specific set of skills to keep administrative tasks running smoothly when there is a staff shortage. This begins to affect your revenue if patients aren’t followed up and appointments are missed. Your admin team serves many vital functions at your dental practice, such as scheduling, follow-up calls and confirming appointments.

Current Labour Trends In The Dental Industry

It is estimated that there’s a 20 to 25 per cent shortfall in the number of assistants and other practice staff needed to fill the gap. But finding quality candidates who are ready and willing to work is proving problematic.

The war for talent is here to stay. So, what are your options?

Break Free From The Staffing Struggle And Grow Your Business

We have the solution to your admin people problem. Let the experts solve your staffing struggle and enjoy the freedom to concentrate on your patients and grow your business.

We’re a Western Australian company, providing quality admin staff to Australian dentists.

Our outstanding staff are based offshore but they are an integral part of your team. They offer you peace of mind knowing that the important tasks are being taken care of professionally and with passion. You can spend more time engaging with patients and providing the high level of customer service they deserve.

When you have great staff, it’s easy to achieve great outcomes. But even at the best of times, unless you’re a recruitment expert, finding superstar employees is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Clear Processes To Ensure That Your Dental Practice Runs Smoothly

As the owner of a dental practice, your priority is patient care. But it’s also financial success for the dental practice. Without patients, the dental practice can’t flourish. So as a dental practice owner, your team’s priority should be creating a seamless patient experience.

Your administrative team is the heart of your dental practice. The team keeps your practice running smoothly. We can help your admin team create a seamless patient scheduling, check-in, and check-out process. Break free to focus on more critical duties. No more missed appointments means more revenue for you.

 “My Clear staff answer phone calls and TLC calls to patients’ appointments. There’s truly nothing they can’t do, from a Clear location, for the practice.”

– Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam, Perth Oral Medicine & Dental Sleep

What about Offshore Staffing?

If you haven’t heard of offshore staffing and how it works for Australian dental practices, then read on. Offshoring is where you offshore business functions and tasks, such as admin, that don’t need to be completed on-site. This lets your dental practice work smarter to dedicate their time to focus on tasks that get pushed aside by other priorities. And the best thing about offshoring? It gives you more time to do what you love — engaging with your patients.

Where Do I Start?

Start by giving Clear a call. At Clear, we’ve developed systems that provide great offshore staff who can make a measurable difference to your business. Our recruitment process identifies the right people, and with our outstanding leadership, they’ll help you thrive. You’ll get a high-performing world-class offshore staff. And they’ll bring the passion and the skills to achieve great outcomes for you, your team and your patients.

Think about the difference it would make to your business if you could break free from the day-to-day. Remember, when you’re not worrying about staff, you can focus on your business.


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