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Are Your Clinicians Answering the Phone When Reception Takes a Break?

Need help with lunch break and overflow patient phone calls?

Clear’s Break Free Button instantly diverts your phone to our Virtual Reception Team. We can respond to your patient enquiries when your reception team needs to take a break, is dealing with patients in your reception or outside of your office hours. Book a call to learn more

In your dental practice do you always hear, “Can you cover the phone while I pop out for lunch?”

For small dental admin teams or the single receptionist, it is an ongoing issue when they need to take a break or deal with patients in the reception area.

Dr Michael Sernik, dentist and communications specialist and former Co-CEO of the largest practice management company in the southern hemisphere recently commented that, “Here’s a common scenario: a patient exits the treatment room and wants immediate attention; a new patient arrives and is standing there, waiting to speak with reception. The receptionist is speaking to a new patient on the phone. They quickly finish the call and… of course… the phone rings.”

Every practice experiences these frustrations. Inbound calls keep coming and Practice Managers and clinicians end up covering the phone when reception needs to take a short break.

It’s time to let your reception team Break Free from patient calls to take a lunch break.

Clear Admin People’s Break Free Button allows instant call diversion to solve this problem. You can quickly and easily divert all your incoming calls with the touch of a button to the Clear Virtual Reception Team. This means that when there are too many patients in reception or your receptionist needs to take a break, collect the mail or run an errand, you won’t miss any inbound calls. No more missed new patient enquiries that you have worked so hard and spent so much money on marketing to get!

The average dental practice in Australia misses 35% of their new-patient inbound calls (dentalproductsreport.com). Of the remainder, less than half are converted to a first appointment. According to DentistryIQ, by ensuring you answer all your calls, your practice can gain at least $150,000 in practice revenue per 100 new-patient calls. This equates to a missed call costing a practice $1500 on average!

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Clear’s Break Free Button gives your front desk team the flexibility and ability to take a break from answering calls and not rely on the Practice Manager and clinicians for cover. This means that they can continue to focus on your patients face to face and provide the high-level patient experience you want whilst they’re in your reception area. You can focus on other vital tasks in the practice, plus you won’t miss out on new patient revenue. 

Clear’s Break Free Button provides 90 minutes a day for your reception team to use anytime. They can use it in ‘small bites’ as they need, to cover reception calls for short periods of time and to provide that critical lunch cover. 

Break Free Button is part of Clear’s Virtual Reception Service. It IS NOT an answering service. We integrate our team with your operations and can enter new bookings directly into your practice management software, and manage dental-specific objections and patient concerns. 

Clear’s team can start working with your practice in days. You’re that step closer to recovering those lost patient profits and giving your reception team some relief. 

Need help with lunch break and overflow patient phone calls?

Let’s work together to give your reception staff the flexibility to Break Free at the press of a button and instantly divert calls to give them some relief. Book a call with Clear to discuss how we can get you started today


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